Sexpressions Private Women's Circle

We talk about everything but sex... Why?
As a matter of fact: talking about sex improves your sexual life.

What is Sexpressions?

Sexpressions is a space created for women to talk, laugh, share, ask questions, learn and feel wonderful about sex, sexuality, sexual expression and relationships.

A safe space to find support, healing, transformation and celebration.

Book your private Sexpressions

Minimum 5, maximum 10 participants per session.

Price: £20 per person, per 1.5-hour session.

Age: 18+



Dawn Lister Therapy Centre

1-5 Church Hill

Leigh On Sea – Essex, SS9 2DE

Welcome to SEXPRESSIONS, a space tailored for groups of girlfriends interested in exploring love, relationships, and sexuality together. Think of it as a book club, but instead of discussing literature, we delve into the complexities of human connections.

In these private sessions, you and your friends can suggest topics you’d like to explore or leave the direction up to us. Whether you’re interested in love, relationships, or sexuality, each session is customised to meet your group’s interests and needs. You can opt for a single session or as many as you desire—the possibilities are endless.

My promise is simple: Through these intimate circles, you and your friends will gain insights that enrich your love lives and transform the way you perceive relationships and sexuality. Let’s embark on this journey together, where exploration knows no bounds and understanding deepens with every discussion.

How to book?

Simply  email me your ideas and preferences and  I will

 take it from there.

I’m flexible with scheduling so let men now what works

best for you.

Looking forward to our discussions!.

Break the mould and come
along to joy and growth.

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