Sex Coaching

This is a safe space to talk about sex,
sexuality, sexual expression and relationships.

What is Sex Coaching?

— It is the merging of Life Coaching and Sexology.

— Sexology is the study of sexual behaviours, what we do sexually and how we feel about it.

— Life Coaching is a thought-provoking creative pro- cess between the coach and the client that inspires the client to maximise personal potential.

— Coaching brings HOW we move the clients forward whilst sexology is the WHAT, the impact of sexuality on self, others and the environment.

What is it not?

— It is not the same as sex therapy, I am not not trained to deal with trauma.

— Therapy deals with a person’s past, provides understanding and focuses on resolving a person’s pain.

— Coaching deals with a person’s future, creates action and focuses on helping a person to move to the ideal sexual self.

What to expect?

Price per session £70 ( introductory offer)

Full payment is required prior the session otherwise the session will not be confirmed. 

If you miss or cancel a session with less than 48 hours notice, you will not be entitle of a refund.

Discovery call

1x 30 minute initial free discovery call talk about what brought you to Please Come In and if we’re a good match, we’ll schedule your first session.


Coaching sessions last one hour, via Zoom, phone or in person if preferred.

After our first session an intake form will be sent to you to be filled and email back to me. This will bring a clear and fuller picture of your background and what has influenced where you are today.

With your permission sessions may be recorded for training and quality purposes.

Home assignments between each coaching session.

A 10 minute follow up to each live session by email or telephone, upon request an to be used between sessions only.

My responsibilities

— To guide, direct and protect you from harm.

— To empower you to attain the dreams you desire.

— To empower you to overcome any sexual difficul- ties you may have or fear you have..

— To help you reach your sexual/relationship goals and together as a team find results that satisfy you.

Your responsibilities

—  To be on time for your scheduled appointment.

—  To provide a comprehensive history on sexual relationships.

—  To be authentic and share your truth with me.

—  To paid in advance your session.

This type of work can be transformational for your whole life, not just your sexuality. By trusting the process and allowing me to be your guide, you will grow, learn and become a more empowered person, I assure you.

Thank you so much for choosing me as your sex coach. It is always my honour and privilege to do this work. I am thrilled that we are going down this path together.

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