Empowering Women
and Couples
to Transform Intimacy

Professional Intimacy Coaching
by Miriam Solis

Please come in!

If you’ve found your way here, it’s because you’re longing to explore deeper levels of intimacy and connection, whether within yourself, with your partner, or both.  You might not be entirely sure what pieces are missing, but you sense that your current experiences aren’t quite fulfilling. Whether you’re  a couple seeking deeper intimacy or a woman navigating your own journey of self-discovery, you have arrived to at a place where understanding and growth await.

Welcome, you’ve found a safe place here where  you will find hope, refuge and the opportunity to discuss and resolve issues about love, sexuality, and relationships.

About me

My name is Miriam Solis and I am a clinical sexologist, sexuality educator and a Certified Sex Coach™ trained by Sex Coach U. Sex Coach U offers the only sex coach training program in the world that has been recognised by the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS).

Growing up in a Spanish Catholic background and attending a boarding school run by nuns, I received very limited relationship and sexual education. My friends and I navigated our youth with little guidance, often taking risks driven by ignorance. The lack of comprehensive education  left us grappling with shame, doubts, and fears . I know now that these roadblocks, when left unattended, can profoundly affect one’s intimacy and well-being.

Are you feeling lost in the complexities of intimacy and relationships, much like I once did? Do you find yourself longing for deeper connections but unsure how to navigate the obstacles in your path? I hear you. I understand the challenges you face, whether you’re an individual struggling with personal intimacy issues or as a couple that is experiencing a prolonged period without sex , grappling with communication breakdowns and a loss of connection , maybe even considering divorce.

I see your longing for fulfillment, for passion, and for genuine connection. I see your desire to gain control and to break free from the shackles of uncertainty and shame surrounding sexuality. Know that you’re not alone in your journey.

With compassion, understanding, and great deal of knowledge  I offer a safe space for you to explore your concerns, voice your fears, and chart a path towards healing and growth. Together, we’ll unravel the complexities, address the roadblocks, and pave the way for a more fulfilling and intimate life.

You deserve to feel seen, heard, and understood. You deserve to experience  pleasure, joy and belonging, to feel that you are where you want to be. Take the first step towards transformation. Book a session with me, and let’s embark on this journey together.

About You & Me

Together, we will explore where you are and where you want to be. We will examine what is not serving you, identify what is missing, and determine what you need to nurture. Then, we will develop a roadmap consisting of homework assignments and coaching sessions designed to challenge your old script and create space for your authentic self.

It is tough to invite people into your history because you put yourself into a position of tremendous vulnerability, for this reason my role is to:

Guide you in a goal oriented journey of connection and growth.

Foster open and honest communication, creating a safe space for dialogue and exploration within your relationships.

Deepen your understanding of intimacy within yourself and in your relationship 

Empower you to set healthy boundaries and advocate for your needs, fostering greater emotional and relational well-being.

I am able to control only that of which I am aware.
That of which I am unaware of controls me.
Awareness empowers me.
J. Whitmore

Ways To Work With Me

I am offering you here the space to dare greatly, to give and receive without judgement, to embrace who you are and to feel like you are enough.

I am ready for this, are you?


Intimacy Coaching






Bespoke Talks


I studied and trained for more than three years. I feel privileged to say that over that time I learned from two of the leading female experts in their fields:

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Discovery call 
(30 min free)



£50 individuals

£70 couples

Book a Sesion

Our work together will primarily involve conversation. We’ll begin with a complimentary 30-minute discovery call. If we feel aligned, you can then schedule your first session. During this initial session, we’ll explore the factors that led you to consider intimacy coaching and collaboratively define the goals for our journey together.

Coaching sessions last 50 minutes, and can be conducted via phone, video call, or in person at the Dawn Lister Therapy Centre in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, if preferred. After the first session, I will email you an intake form, a questionnaire designed to gather information to help me understand your background. You will be given home assignments between each coaching session to support your progress. Additionally, upon request, we can schedule a 10-minute follow-up session via email or telephone in between sessions.


If you’d like to find out more about what I do or you have some questions, please get in touch — I’d love to hear from you.


Sex Coaching is a formidable mix of coaching and sexology that helps you unlock what it is getting in the way of enjoying your sexuality and your relationships to the fullest.


  • Guiding you, setting inspirational goals, establish steps, leading you to a reflective place.
  • Encouraging you , by supporting and not judging 
  • Challenging you, by questioning 
  • Providing you with sexual knowledge, replacing sexual myths and wrong assumptions with  positive real facts.

Remember: Sex coaching is not the same that sex therapy.

I don’t deal with trauma and we will not explore and resolve pain from trauma, for this I will recommend you to seek help from a sex therapist.


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Coaching is an industry that hasn’t been regulated yet, for this reason it is important to me to follow a clear set of principles intended to instruct me professionally to act in a manner that is honest and that is beneficial to my clients .

As a member of  The Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists (ASIS) and The European Federation of Sexologist EFS  I agreed to abide their Code of Ethics and Ethical Codes of Practice:I



I also follow and practice the SCU manifesto:

  • Sexuality is an essential natural and healthy part of being human; we as humans are lifelong sexual beings, from conception to death
  • Sexual rights are human rights; all adult sexual expression is acceptable, as long as it is with consent, lawful and without intentional harm
  • Every person deserves to choose whether, how, and with whom they wish to express their sexuality, alone and/or with a partner
  • Every person deserves tond can have the sexual aspects of one’s life become realised; every person also has the obligation to take responsibility for their sexual actions and the impact on themselves, others and the global environment
  • People do not get rid of parts of themselves as sexual beings; they learn how to embrace and accept those aspects of themselves
  • Most practitioners of medicine and mental health care are inadequately trained nor prepared to meet the needs of their patients on sexual matters
  • Sex coaching is a direct, powerful and transformational pathway to sexual healing, sexual wellness and sexual success
  • My mission is to serve as role models for sex-positivity, sexual empowerment, sexual health and sexual success
  • As sex coaches  we must give back to the global community and advocate for sexual well-being and sexual freedom wherever we can have a positive influence

Note that confidentiality and discretion are guaranteed.

There are just a few exceptions to confidentiality:

  • From time to time I will see a supervisor as part of my ongoing professional development. This helps me to grow, gain support and guidance. During this process,  I may share some of what is said in the sessions on an anonymised basis
  •  If I am legally required to disclose information, such as being ordered by a court or if the law requires. It in this case I must pass on your information without your consent. 
  • Or if I feel that  or somebody else may be at risk of serious harm. 

If you want to book with me for the first time:

  • Make an appointment for a Discovery Call. 
  • 1x 30 minute initial free Discovery Call to talk about what brought you Intimacy Coaching.
  • Coaching sessions 50 minutes , via video call, phone or in person if preferred. 
  • I offer video call session through  Google Meet. If you prefer in person I will meet you at Dawn Lister Therapy Centre in Leigh.
  • Price per session £50 individuals and £70 couples 
  • After our first session an intake form will be sent to you to be filled out and email back to me. This will bring a clear and  fuller picture of your background and what has influenced where you are  today. 
  • Home assignments between each coaching session.
  • A 10 minute follow up session (upon request) via email or telephone, in between sessions.
  • Full payment is required prior to the session otherwise the session will not be confirmed. If you miss or cancel a session with less than 24 hours notice, you will not be entitled to a refund. 

If you want to book a follow up session:

  • Make an appointment on the booking system.

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Full payment is required prior to the session otherwise the session will not be confirmed. If you miss or cancel a session with  less than 24 hours notice, you will not be entitle of a refund. 

Payments received for booking a space for the women’s circle Sexpressions are non refundable.

Workshop payments are non refundable.

£50 individuals per session

£70 couples per session

Or save money by buying a pack of 4 sessions for £240 

If you want to book a pack of 4 sessions send me  an email

I am sorry but I don’t believe that we can fully discuss, understand or explain these kind of topics by email. To understand and explore your question I may need to ask you some questions myself.  

The best way is for you to book a one off appointment by phone, video call or in person (your choice).

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It is tough to invite people into your history because you put yourself into a position of tremendous vulnerability, for this reason I offer you a safe space where you will feel supported and not judged. You can also choose how to conduct the session that serve you best: by phone, video call camera off or on, in person…

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I am a Certified Sex Coach™ trained Sex Coach U. Sex Coach U offers the only sex coach training program in the world that has been recognised by the World Association of Sexual Health (WAS).

The founder of SCU  and pioneer of sex coaching, Dr. Patti Britton, is WAS Regional Secretary for North America and serves on the WAS Advisory Committee. Sex Coach U presented the first Invited Symposium on Sex Coaching at the WAS international Congress held in Mexico City in 2019. No other program gives you these credentials, recognition or sexological expertise.


I also has completed 216 hours of ICF Coach Specific Training under the directions of Master Coach Gillian McMichael, founder of Full Circle.


I am a member of the:

  • World Association of Sex Coaches (WASC)
  • European Federation of Sexology (EFS)
  • Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists (ASIS)

If you have any healths concerns please always check with your doctor first. 

Secondly, you are normal and you are not broken just because you are different to other women. Remember that each one of us has a specific sexual pattern unique as a fingerprint.

In the broad sense of not enjoying sex, how I see it,  is that you may be in a path that does not lead to sexual pleasure. The great news is that you can switch paths and take  a new one that will let identify your erotic style; your fantasies, your desires, your boundaries. My job is to accompany you on that journey. 

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Coaching for couples is a collaborative process aimed at improving communication, resolving conflicts, and strengthening the bond between partners.

Sessions vary: some involve both partners, while others are individual. During these sessions, we explore your relationship dynamics, identify areas of improvement, and set realistic goals to work towards. Through personalized guidance, exercises, and tools, couples learn effective communication strategies, develop greater empathy and understanding, and cultivate deeper intimacy.

Each session is tailored to your unique needs and challenges, empowering you to build a healthier and more fulfilling relationship.

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This journey holds the power to transform not just
your intimacy but your entire life. By entrusting the process
and allowing me to be your guide, you will grow, learn,
and emerge as a more empowered person.
I assure you.